5 Ways to Market Your Home Like a Rockstar!

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5 Ways to Market Your Home Like a Rockstar!


Brought to you by Mike Ramsey, your Prosper Realtor who specializes in Dallas area homes for sale.

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Here is a common scenario that you can likely relate to.  You are thinking about selling your home and of course, you are wanting to sell it quickly and for the absolute best price.   Naturally, you are concerned about your neighbor's house that just went on the market for a price that seems low, or maybe the price seems good but you notice that their house seems like it has way more upgrades than yours.   To complicate it even further, people in your area are searching online for homes for sale in McKinney, or homes for sale in Prosper or homes for sale in Frisco and their search results bring hundreds of homes.  Ugh!  With your listing lost in a sea of other homes for sale, how do make it stand out so that it sells faster and for the most money possible?


Here are some useful tips to help you achieve your goals when it comes to selling your home.

1.  Have a Plan.  Hire a Realtor® who has a robust strategy for marketing your home.  Gone are the days when a real estate agent could get away with just listing a home on the MLS and wait for real estate outlets like Zillow to post it.   According to inman.com, the industry’s premier authority on real estate data, a majority of homes are not marketed beyond the MLS and real estate outlets.  Those types of listings get lost in the crowd, never having a chance to rise to their full potential.  A Realtor® who is skilled at marketing will have a complex marketing strategy in place before you hire them.  The moment your home is ready to be sold, a marketing blitz aggressively puts your home at the forefront of potential buyers’ attention.  The result is a quicker sale for more money. 

2.  Dress to Kill.  An experienced Realtor® will guide you to make home improvements that will help you demand top dollar for your home.   They will also help you make home improvement choices that cost you the least amount of money for the greatest return on your investment.  A few minor exterior improvements or some well-placed furniture can take your home from ho-hum to stunning with less effort than you might think.

3.  Go High-Tech.  The amount of smartphone apps, social media outlets and online marketing tools available in the real estate industry is nothing short of mind-blowing.  It takes a tech-savvy Realtor® who is skilled at digital marketing to target specific groups of potential buyers who would be most likely attracted to your home.   He or she would already have a dominant online presence to grab the attention of a higher amount of GenX and Millennial consumers.


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4.  Stay Old School.  Many real estate agents have abandoned traditional forms of marketing like print and television ads, simply because very few people were paying attention to them anymore.  A few years down the road, traditional marketing has become rare enough to be considered again in certain circumstances.   A well-placed magazine advertisement can be very effective in reaching a Baby-Boomer or a family who is relocating to the area.

5.  More is More.  The key to a highly effective marketing strategy is in having a both-and approach.   Start off by hiring a Realtor® who isn’t lazy in their marketing efforts.  Choose a Realtor® who can expertly guide you in making home improvements that have the best bang for the buck.  He or she will use both digital and traditional forms of marketing to put your house in front of as many eyes as possible and will hone on targeted the type of buyer who is most likely to fall in love with it. 

Most real estate agents are not doing world-class marketing for their listings.  They either don’t know how, or they can’t afford it.   Fortunately, there is a handful of Realtors® who are providing exceptional marketing strategies at no charge to their clients.  They have spent years building a system that is cost-effective and brings results. 

For an example of a highly effective home marketing strategy, visit mikeramseyhomes.com  Mike Ramsey, your Frisco Realtor.


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