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 A Dallas Area Home Marketing Story


Brought to you by Mike Ramsey, your Prosper Realtor who specializes in Dallas area homes for sale.

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It was a hot Sunday afternoon in late August when I received a desperate phone call from a couple in need of help. They had listed their home the previous month when the market was hopping with summer buyers.  This couple had recently parted ways with their current real estate agent and they wanted me to take on the listing with a more active marketing approach.  I empathized with them as they expressed their concern about how fall was quickly approaching and the fact that the number of buyers viewing their home was dropping.  As I worked on the listing, I quickly discovered that the home had a few permanent features that were not desirable for most buyers.  Knowing that the property would be perfect for the right buyer, my team and I developed a targeted marketing strategy and our efforts paid off.

According to, one of the top concerns that homeowners have is that their property is not being marketed as well as it can be.   The average person selling their home in today's market understands that merely placing their property on the Multiple Listing Service is not enough.  Sadly, many home marketing campaigns don't go much beyond that.  Why is that?  The answer likely centers around home selling strategies that rely too heavily on third-party websites like Zillow and, which automatically access MLS feeds to post listings on their websites.   With all of that effortless advertising, it's not surprising that some real estate agents are reluctant to spend any more of their own money to market their listings.

Sadly, with virtually every MLS listing appearing on Trulia or Redfin, it's easy for individual listings to get lost in what has become the internet's real estate jungle.  Agents who are serious about selling their clients' homes are thinking outside the box by developing robust marketing campaigns.  They are formulating more complex marketing strategies that tap into multiple types of advertising to reach a much higher amount of qualified buyers.  The direct benefit to the homeowner is a quicker sale and more money in their pocket.


What does this mean for you as a Dallas area home owner?

Here is a common scenario that you can likely relate to.  You are thinking about selling your home and of course, you are wanting to sell it quickly and for the absolute best price.   Naturally, you are concerned about your neighbor's house that just went on the market for a price that seems low, or maybe the price seems good but you notice that their house seems like it has way more upgrades than yours.   To complicate it even further, people in your area are searching online for homes for sale in Prosper, or homes for sale in Frisco or homes for sale in McKinney and their search results bring hundreds of homes.  Ugh!  With your listing lost in a sea of other homes for sale, how do make it stand out so that it sells faster and for the most money possible?

When choosing a real estate agent to sell what is most likely your single most valuable asset, it is essential to choose an agent who is dedicated to doing everything possible to market your home.  Most successful real estate agents are using more tech-savvy marketing tools like social media advertising, web analytics, demographic target marketing, and text-based lead follow up.  These are some of the essential methods for reaching Millenial home buyers.  In addition, top agents are also tapping into more traditional forms of home advertising like regional television programs and magazine publications.  Many agents have moved away from those types of marketing strategies, and it is becoming rare to find real estate advertising in the mail, on TV or in a printed publication.  Marketing-savvy agents are incorporating traditional forms of home marketing into their overall strategies, knowing that they are making a comeback in catching potential buyers' attention.  

The most effective home marketing campaigns reach the greatest amount of potential buyers by advertising in as many different formats as their marketing budget allows.  They target the ideal type of buyer for each home.   If the home is likely to appeal to young families, a focus might be made on digital marketing.   On the other hand, if a home is located in a retirement community,  a stronger emphasis on print advertising is likely necessary.   Regardless, a both/and approach by incorporating a bit of everything is always a good idea, as well as never forgetting to center the campaign around the personal aspect of word of mouth and social advertising.  


For an example of a highly effective home marketing strategy visit  Mike Ramsey, your Frisco Realtor who specializes in DFW and Dallas area homes for sale.


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